How to get changed on the beach before surfing ?

You’ve got to the spot at last, an endless series of waves crash down into the water shaped by the offshore wind and so you can’t get changed quickly enough.

You may find yourself faced with two scenarios: getting changed on the car park so you can put your clothes in your car or doing it on the beach, because you’d rather leave your things there or because you’ve already walked through the dunes for 15 minutes …

In both cases, the choices open to you are more or less the same:



Used by the bashful surfer, wanting to hide his intimate parts from passers-by or hidden onlookers… he wraps his towelaround him and blocks it at waist-level.

If you’re skilled at this art, the towel virtually never falls down. However, for those people who haven’t got the knack, they have to keep a hand on the towel to make sure it stays in place but this isn’t exactly the easiest way of getting changed.

Even if your towel is well fastened, moving your leg too high or a sudden gust of wind can reveal what the surfer wanted to hide.

se changer sur parking serviette surf



For the surfer who doesn’t care about people seeing his bum but would rather they didn’t see what’s in front, a solution is at hand.

That’s right, you just keep your tee-shirt on and it will hide what you don’t want people from seeing.

Technique with very limited potential for hiding your private parts from passers-by, or otherwise you also need to use a hand to cover them. But yet again this represents a problem for getting changed quickly.

se changer parking surf tee shirt



Reserved for surfers who couldn’t care less or who even have a taste for exhibitionism and who also tend to think “in any case, trying to hide something only results in attracting attention, so the best way of hiding is showing.

No towel, no tee-shirt, our surfer is in the nude on the car park. The advantage is he can get changed quickly so he is in his birthday suit for a very short period of time.

The drawback is above all for families walking along the beach and who go by just at the time when the surfer is about to go for it.


se changer parking surf no technique



Whether you’re a towel, tee-shirt or nothing surfer, you could always get changed in your car (above all in winter when it’s cold and, what’s more, with the heating on).

You’ll partially protect yourself from the view of passers-by protect them from you… It depends on your point of view. This technique is reserved for very supple people who could make a living as a contortionist.

Basically, if you can’t manage to put your leg behind your head, forget this technique.

se changer parking voiture surf



Otherwise, you can find special ponchos in shops, covering the most intimate parts of the body perfectly and made of materials guaranteeing excellent absorption and good thermal insulation.

You’ll have both arms free to get changed, at the speed you wish because you won’t have to worry about people staring at you.

In winter, your feet may go numb with because of the cold ground so a floor mat will prevent this unpleasant sensation.


se changer poncho surf plage



Share your tips for getting changed before going surfing: on the beach or a car park.

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