Choosing your perfect soccer boot!

When playing soccer, it’s essential to wear a decent pair of boots that are suitable for the surface you’re playing on.

KIPSTA offers a complete range of soccer boots to meet the specific needs of each surface type.

How to determine which boots should you go for? On which surfaces? Let me try to help.

Your choice of soccer boots depends very much on the surface you are playing on and in order to enjoy maximum comfort and feel as well as avoid injury, the following mini-guide should help you make the right choice for your next big game.

If you play on surfaces with dry natural grass or even 4th generation astro-turf, choose FG (Firm Ground) studs, with either traditional shaped studs or blades. They are also commonly referred to as moulds. The ideal boot for artificial grass is the AG boot (number 5 on this guide) but a close second place is the FG.

If you play on soft, wet and occasionally muddy natural grass surfaces, choose an SG (Soft Ground) sole with height-adjustable screw-on studs that provide better support and will prevent you from slipping. Much needed for the winter months in some states, make sure your studs are tightened before every game.



If you play on hard surfaces such as indoor synthetic grass, sand based astro-turf, concrete surfaces or shale, choose a HG (Hard ground) boot. The small studded bottom avoids any locking of the feet as they are designed to glide off the surface while offering enough grip to avoid slipping.

If you play on smooth surfaces such as wooden flooring, gym halls, PVC or smooth cement, choose a smooth and non-marking “sala” sole offering better grip when changing speed and direction.
We recommend choosing a sole with good cushioning. The Futsal and Sala ranges are ideal for this type of game.


If you play on artificial surfaces such as outdoor synthetic turf or any 4th generation astro-turf, choose an AG (Artificial Grass) sole with multiple studs for better shock absorption and distribution. As I said earlier, if you can’t find the right AG boot for you, the FG boots will also do the job though offer slightly less flexibility of movement.

Once you’ve chosen the surface, you can choose between synthetic and leather.

Leather boots always give you a better feeling and a good sense of ball control but synthetics are often lighter, allow more rapid movement and most of the time, look a little cooler.

I personally wear the CLR 700 in the Futsal Range (ref: 568105) and AGILITY 700 PRO AG in the AG range when I’m playing on astro (ref:8368678)

Don’t hesitate to contact me in store or online if you have any doubts when selecting the right boot.



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