How to choose: Kid / Junior Tennis Racquet

The choice of a kid or junior tennis racquet is based mainly on two factors:

  1. the size of the racquet in relation to your child’s height:

89 – 100 CM (Age 2 to 4): Pick a racquet size 17″ – 19″.
101 – 112 CM (Age 4 to 6): Pick a racquet size 21″.
113 – 125 CM (Age 6 to 8): Pick a racquet size 23″.
126 – 140 CM (Age 8 to 10): Pick a racquet size 24″-25″.
141 – 165 CM (Age 10 to 12): Pick a racquet size 26″.
Over 165 CM => 26″or consider adult racquet (27″-29″).

2. The level at which your child plays:

-For a very occasional practice, look at the TR100 range.

-If your kid is a beginner,  but is going to play regularly, look at the TR130 range; The “Learning Grip” technology makes the racquet easy and comfortable to hold.

-If your kid plays regularly for a while already, look at the TR530 range, this children’s tennis racket is ideal for your child’s first matches. It is versatile and offers a great balance between ease of handling and power.

-If your kid is already a competitor,  let him try our best junior racquet, the TR990, easy and comfortable to hold.  Our certified trainers love the TR990 for young competitive-level tennis players. The TR 990 Junior has been tested against various other products on the market. The tests highlighted the racquet’s excellent ease of handling and power.


I hope this helps you. If you need more info, catch me at Tempe store, or just shoot me an email at

Archie, Junior Tennis leader @Decathlon Tempe


Click here to browse our range of kid / Junior tennis racquets.

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