Often, we do not pay enough attention to the shoes we wear and this is a very important element when we go on a skateboard. To practice these sports in a comfortable and optimal way , specific footwear is required.


  • Flat sole: Skaters need to have a total adherence in contact with the skate surface, flat soles made from rubber have good grip and resistance.
  • Resistant materials: Sand, roads or wood are materials that constantly damage your shoes. Always look for the most resistant materials when buying skate shoes and replace them when damaged. shoes

    The Oxelo difference :

    • Materials: The shoes are made from different materials to ensure everyone can be able to find what they are looking for. There are many options for technical requirements ranging for high performance light shoes to high quality rigid shoes.
    • Elevation: To assure better grip on the ankle, some models offer higher rods, this way the ankles are protected and the grip is improved.
    • Grip: For proper adherence the sole must be done from rubber. Softer sole have better grip but short durability, while hard sole have less grip but more durability.
    • Suspension: It is important to reduce stress on the knees and feet to a good template  and system to absorb shocks.
    • Weight: Some skate shoes are heavier than others, skate shoes that are lighter feel light when skating but lack protection. Skate shoes that are heavier are more difficult to skate in, but give you that extra protection.
    • Cords: Cords make sure your shoes stay and do not move. it is very important that while skating your shoes are closed properly and that the cords fit well. Some models have Velcro adjusters to increase results.
    shoes 1
    TIP: Everyone has his own requirements when it comes to skate shoes. Do not forget to talk to a specialist who can always recommend you which is the best pair for you.


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