Skating socks play a very important role when it comes to safety and comfort. Experts we recommend that keeping appropriate skating socks is key when practicing this sport. 

Mostly in summer we think that wearing short socks will help us to sweat less, and have more comfort. but this is wrong… 

Since I was 3 years old, I practiced figure skating and with hard boots and at the end of training, my feet were sweating a lot. The worst was when I started skateboarding I started to have blisters that took long time to heal. 


I wish I knew back then that good skating socks could have avoided all the pain. 

I recommend Oxelo socks these socks helped me during my long training sessions and never again, I had encounter any difficulties while skating nor feet damage after my practice. 

Many times I hear skaters say that they use skiing socks when skating. This is a mistake as ski socks are made thicker to help against the cold. This thickness makes the feet sweat a lot and through friction this ends up damaging your feet even more. 

The best is to wear socks that are reinforced in the areas which are most exposed to heavy activity. These are the ankle, calf, heel and toe. 



Since I have found socks with the mentioned characteristics, I always wear them when I am training, or when I go to the city with my inline skates.

TIP: My advice is always to use a sock of this type since this way you will focus on the sport and you will forget the subsequent pain.

Thanks for reading, if you want more information you can just leave us a comment and if you have already tried our socks we would love you to tell us your experience.

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